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How To Get Your Vitamin D Besides Soaking In The Sun

How To Get Your Vitamin D Besides Soaking In The Sun

It is unwise to ignore the immense benefits of the vitamin that also include strengthening the immune system. A strong immune system can prevent the diseases of current times and the future from wreaking havoc over our bodies. Further, the essential vitamin enhances bone and muscle health and even stops the development of some cancers. Not only is that, but vitamin D also regulates insulin levels in the bloodstream, thus helping in diabetes management. 

Sunlight is said to be the largest source of Vitamin D. A day in the sun can replenish your body’s vitamin D requirements. But it is not possible to soak in the sun for an entire day to get your regular supply of the vitamin. So, where else and how can you replenish your body’s needs? 

Sources of Vitamin D other than sunlight

Oily fishes, like sardines, mackerel, salmons, etc., are said to be high in Vitamin D. You may also consume red meat to get your regular supply of the vitamin. Some breakfast cereals, egg yolks and beef livers are also good sources of the vitamin. If you follow a vegan diet, you can have mushrooms, orange juice, and soya milk that have a sufficient amount of vitamin D. 

While children are not advised to take supplements, the adults suffering from vitamin D deficiency can take them on the advice of the doctors. You may get these supplements from a reliable organic store online, but make sure it is MHRA-certified. In summer, however, you can get all your vitamin D from the sun, so stay exposed as much as possible. 

How much vitamin D is good for your health?

For babies, consuming about 8.5 to 10 micrograms of vitamin D regularly is essential for proper growth, development and lesser vulnerability to various diseases. Adults need about 10 micrograms or 400 IU of the vitamin per day. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also take vitamin D regularly, as it enriches breast milk. It should be included in the mother’s natural foods that form a part of their pregnancy diet. However, breast milk does not provide enough vitamin D to the infant. Mothers should ensure that the babies get sufficient vitamin D (8.5 micrograms) from organic baby food, sunlight, and other sources. 

Is taking too much vitamin D risky?

Too much vitamin D consumption can be harmful in many cases. It increases the level of toxicity in the body and may also lead to hypocalcaemia. In such conditions, too much calcium gets deposited in the blood vessels, thus blocking them. Large amounts of calcium in the blood may also cause stones in the kidneys. Hence, it is best to seek medical advice before consuming vitamin D supplements. 

You can also get some amounts of the vitamin from cheddar cheese, frozen yoghurt, fortified milk, scrambled eggs, etc. Be careful about the amount, as too less or too much of it can be problematic for your body. When shopping for supplements or organic foods containing vitamin D online, make sure you read the ingredients list to check if you are allergic to any of them

4 Scientific Reasons To Eat More Pasta

Organic Pasta Online

All the food we eat has something to do with our health. While some offer nutrition, some others strengthen our immune system, thus keeping diseases at bay. Many believe that carbs are bad and cause several health hazards. Pasta is one of those delectable Italian dishes, rich in carbs, which have grown a bad reputation over time. It is said to cause obesity and increase the level of glucose in our blood. 

But we care to deny such myths. 

Pasta is an integral element in the Mediterranean diet, which would not be so popular today without it. You can take it with veggies, meat, fish, salads, beans and poultry, thus improving its health benefits. It is essentially fat-free with low sodium content and can easily become a part of your weight-loss diet, contrary to the popular belief. And if you buy the pasta from an organic food store online, you will enjoy the natural benefits of the food as well. Let us give you a deeper insight into the health benefits of this delicious Italian cuisine. 

It generates energy at a slow pace

Unlike the carbs in processed food, pasta is packed with complex carbohydrates that release energy slowly and prevent a sudden spike in blood glucose levels. You can balance the carb intake by mixing it with green veggies, lean meat, beans or other vitamin-rich foods that match its taste. If you have a tight schedule and are unable to have your meals on time, a bowl of pasta at brunch can give you enough energy throughout the day. 

It has a low sodium content 

As mentioned above, pasta has low sodium content that helps it protect you against heart diseases, high blood pressure and related issues. However, if you add too much sauce to the pasta, you are risking your health by filling in the sodium gap. You may use some for taste, but keep it within the limits. You can consume the Spicy Penne Arrabiata which is delicious in its natural form. 

It is rich in folic acid

Folic acid is said to be beneficial for women of child-bearing age. From reducing menstrual cramps to issues of pregnancy and delivery, folic acid benefits women in so many ways. One serving of dry pasta consists of about 100 micrograms of this water-soluble vitamin B. It is approximately 25% of the amount recommended for regular women’s diet. Hence, pasta is one of the mother’s natural foods that help them prepare for seamless and hassle-free deliveries. If a pregnant lady has some amount of pasta every day, she is consuming one-fourth of the total recommended dosage of folic acid. 

It may also be gluten-free

You can have gluten-free corn pasta if you want. It can also be prepared with rice and quinoa. One gluten-free pasta preparation is the Italian Linguine Pescatore, which is mixed with exotic seafood and is delicious without a doubt. You can either have it on the main course or as a dessert, depending on your choice and preferences. 

Wrapping it up

Now, you should note that despite the many health benefits of pasta, it does have some fatty elements, like cheese and meat protein, which should not be a part of your regular diet. However, you can have it once or twice a week, and it is harmless.

Is it Necessary To Buy Organic Pet Care Products for Your Furry Friends?

Is it Necessary To Buy Organic Pet Care Products for Your Furry Friends?

Are you planning to switch to organic products for your child's health and safety? You should do the same for your pets as well. 

Your furry friends may not be expressive about their issues as your human toddlers, but they may suffer from excess chemical consumption like humans. In many cases, such problems, like food poisoning or allergic rashes, may escalate and create immense pain for your beloved furry creatures. Of course, you don’t want them to go through all that pain! After all, they depend on you for their health and welfare. 

However, there are plenty of other reasons for buying natural food and other pet care products from a reliable organic store. Let’s shed some light on those. 

A longer and happier life

Like humans, excess chemical exposure can be detrimental to your pet’s life. You can reverse this by using natural products, like organic shampoos, essential oils and leafy extracts to help them live longer. They are devoid of toxic ingredients that come with several side effects. Give your pet the life it deserves, surrounded by natural elements. 

Healing properties

Some natural products are known to have reversed critical health conditions in pets. Essential oils, herbs and natural snacks tend to boost their health and increase their lifespan. However, you should research a product and read about its ingredients before using it on your furry babies. Also, check the reviews of a store before buying pet supplements online for your darlings. Some healing herbs, minerals and vitamins help enhance your pets’ overall health and wellbeing. Go for natural protein snacks instead of chemical ones to prevent digestive issues and other health problems. 

Safe for your skin

Using natural pet care products, like shampoos and fur oils, will render them safe for touch. Who doesn’t like to cuddle their furry babies? But do you have any idea how vulnerable they are to pests and insects, e.g., teaks? Natural products eliminate such notorious creatures from your furry baby’s skin, thus making them safe to cuddle and sleep. If you have children at home, you should be all the more careful about skin issues that may arise from pet hair. Using natural products will minimize such problems. 

Enhanced comfort

Have you ever considered the discomfort your leashed pets may feel? If you cannot risk getting it unleashed while going for a walk, you can opt for natural collars and leashes that are less uncomfortable. Go for natural fibres that reduce their discomfort and make them enjoy the walks better. At home, you can lay them down on comforting and cozy beds made of organic materials. 

How to keep your home healthy for your pets

Buying natural pet care products isn’t enough to ensure a healthy and chemical-free life for your furry babies. You may need to adopt a chemical-free lifestyle too. Get rid of all harmful substances that may be toxic or poisonous to your furry companions. As pups tend to bite on furniture and other stuff lying around the house, you should get rid of them. Use organic household materials, like cleaning supplies, furniture, clothes and curtains to provide a natural environment to your pets. 

You can buy natural toys for your pets to chew on without an adverse health impact. An all-natural household is for everyone’s benefit. Even your children will grow up in a greener and sustainable environ, thus helping them understand the power of all-things-natural from a tender age. You can get all your household supplies from a reliable organic store. If affordability is a concern, check out the stores that provide everything under the same roof without burning a hole in your pocket.

Towards a green lifestyle: Why you should start buying from an organic food store

Organic Food Store

The market flooded with nutritious vegetables and fruits is a thing of the past now. During the last two decades, there has been an unprecedented rise in the use of harmful pesticides, fertilisers, and genetic modifications in farming, aimed at increasing the output of eatables by manifold. At times, fruits and vegetables are also subjected to harmful chemicals to ripen them faster.

While these practices are unethical and unfortunate, they nevertheless are quite common in the farming world. As a result, conventionally grown food items and animal products cannot be deemed to be trustworthy. Wondering if a viable alternative exists? Yes, it does - adopting a greener lifestyle and buying from an organic food store! We bring you a list of the top four reasons why choosing organic is the need of the hour. Read on:

The wealth of health

While chemically ripened or artificially grown fruits and vegetables may appear to be healthy on the outside, their nutrient value is usually in a deteriorated condition. Consuming such foods will do your body more harm than good. Treatment by harsh chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers leaves its mark on the produce, thus creating farm products that are laced with harmful substances. On the other hand, certified organic foods are full of essential nutrients and antioxidants, thereby providing you with the wealth of health with every bite.

A stronger body

Several scientific studies and researches indicate that most organic foods, including animal meat and dairy products, contain a naturally produced fatty acid known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). This acid provides the body with immense health benefits. CLA is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties. The acid also plays a crucial role in alleviating allergic reactions. It is also found that CLA can help maintain the level of cholesterol by significantly lowering the LDL level, keeps cancer at bay, aids in weight loss, and strengthens the overall immunity of the body.

A step towards a greener planet

Apart from the bad effects on human health, the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides also harms the environment. These chemicals not only penetrate the crops, but they also seep through the soil resulting in a deteriorated soil quality. Such chemicals can also lead to the contamination of water sources, including groundwater, thus disrupting the healthy balance of the ecosystem. Organic farming, on the other hand, does not employ such harmful chemicals. So, every purchase you make from an organic food store is completely guilt-free, and an effective step towards creating a greener planet.

Preservative-free food items

Most conventionally grown food items have a shorter shelf life than organic produce. The sellers, to enhance the shelf life, often add preservatives to the non-organic produce. These preservatives, upon entering your body, may harm it. Since organic products have a better shelf life, they are preservative-free.

Did we help you make the right choice? Let us know in the comments section!

Best Ways to Buy Organic Food for Pregnant Mothers

Confused about buying organic food during pregnancy? Read this brief guide and know the best ways of buying organic food online.

Having a pure and nutritious diet during pregnancy is a challenge that many women face. The food items available at the supermarket usually come with preservatives and other elements that might harm the health of you and your baby. While going green and buying organic can be a way out, but natural products usually cost more than the non-organic ones. We bring you five ways to buy organic food for pregnant mothers without shelling a lot of money.

Set your priorities right

Prioritise the food items you would want to be organic. Making every single item of your shopping cart organic might cost you way more than your budget. However, instead of going all in, you can choose for organic essentials and cook your family a healthy meal at home. This way, you can eat organic without having to spend a lot.

Buy in bulk

While visiting an organic food store, check if they sell products such as nuts, grains, and spices in bulk bins. Most organic stores do. You can use the bags provided by the store or bring along containers and bags from home and fill them up with as much as you want of any organically grown item. Goods sold in bulk bins usually cost way less than the same products sold in jars, bags or boxes.

Find the best deals on the Internet

Online organic stores can offer great deals than their offline counterparts as their business expenses can be lower. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to you that online organic stores can offer far better deals than you might ever find at a supermarket. Look for discounted prices, waived off shipping charges or premium coupons and stay well within your budget for organic food shopping. As an added bonus, whatever you buy gets delivered right at your doorstep without any hassle.

Buy directly from the farmers

Farmer markets are great places to find organic fruits and vegetables at lesser prices since you are skipping the middleman. Depending on where you live and the types of vegetables and fruits grown in your area, the savings can be remarkable. Also, buying directly from the farmers who grow organic produce encourages them.

Go for an ‘edible’ landscape

Last but not the least option for pregnant mothers who want to eat organic without burning a hole in their pockets is ‘edible’ landscapes. In simple terms, this means growing your organic produce at home. Grow some greens in your back garden and use them as and when you need. Even if you have no garden at all, you can grow organic herbs in two or three pots on a windowsill or tomato plants on a balcony. This way you can skip buying some of the most expensive organic foods from the supermarket and save some money.

Eating organic food has numerous benefits for pregnant women. With these simple tips, you can eat organic without upsetting your budget.