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Taking Care of the Baby During the Pandemic

In the time where the whole world is fighting a virus for survival, being a parent can be more physically and mentally draining. Now, you have to be even more careful with the child. The first line of defense towards a potential illness is precautions. But even if somehow your child gets sick, you can still call a pediatrician at home. Home delivery of baby care products is also a smart option to keep you and your family safe from potential exposure to the virus. In this article, we will discuss how you need to take care of the baby during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus and the Babies

Parents want to know how much of a problem is this virus for the babies. As of now, it is not a serious concern in babies, the cases are relatively small. But this doesn’t mean we can ignore the social distancing and a baby nutrition plan to keep them safe.

Vaccination Schedule

Vaccines are particularly important for your baby safe to prevent viral and bacterial diseases. Keep the vaccinations up to date since the risk of being infected with these viruses and bacteria is still there even though you practice self-quarantine. Your pediatrician will update you with the schedule for different vaccinations and the measures they took for your safe visits.

Cut the Visits to the Market

Parents should limit their visits to the market. It doesn’t mean you go out and buy stuff for a month or two, this will create a problem for other parents. You can purchase the best baby food, baby skincare products, and baby moisturizer to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus.

Follow Social Distancing

The visits from relatives and friends can wait during the pandemic. They might seem healthy but can be asymptomatic carriers. It will be tough for the parents to say no to them, but care for the kids is more important.

What If Your Baby is Sick During the Pandemic?

If your baby is sick, you should not visit the pediatrician straightaway. Book an appointment first, this allows them to keep the foot count limited in the hospital or clinic. You can also ask your pediatrician for home visits. These days, doctors are using technological means to reduce the foot count at the hospital. If possible, use some video calling app to let the doctor evaluate the baby. You must take good care of baby nutrition for a speedy recovery.

Make sure the baby is attended by only one person at a time. If it is possible, let the baby use a separate toilet. Isolate the baby and keep the pets and family members away from him or her. The mother can breastfeed the baby, but it is recommended to keep direct contact minimal. You can order medicines, baby snacks, organic baby food, and other essential organic baby products and stuff to make sure you practice self-quarantine.

To sum up, the first thing you need to understand is there is nothing much to worry about. This virus, as of now, is not showing much of the impact on the babies. For parents, this is the silver lining and a sigh of relief. Practice social distancing as much as possible. And if the baby is sick, call the pediatrician first before you take him/her to the hospital.