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Making a Lasting Impact – Dressing, Toppings, and Presentation

The food industry has always been on its toes in order to create the most surprising and delicious food items. Culinary wars in the world of gourmet food are even more fierce as many factors apart from the taste of the dishes come into the picture and make things even more complicated. While the way your food tastes is of a great matter, dealing with customers in a restaurant or even guests at home, the presentation of the food should be given extra consideration. This is where dressings and food toppings come in the picture. From keeping it simple with sauces to going the extra mile with items like ice cream cones, the presentation can often take unsuspected turns and create something that would totally sweep the guests off their feet.


Ways to dress up the Dessert

six teal icing cupcakes with sprinkles

Often enjoyed as the last course of the meal, desserts tend to leave a more powerful impact on people in terms of satisfaction of the palette. With differing sizes and shapes, desserts can range anywhere between spoon size portions to huge full plate courses which create all the more options to play with styling and presentation. The most common and safest topping used for maximum desserts out there are different flavoured sauces. We can simply choose a chocolate or caramel sauce to top the dessert or do the plating and that would be more than sufficient. Although when trying to create a combo item, using anything in your arsenal should be an option known to you. Some extravagant topping options include ice cream cones, caramelised popcorns, fruit flavoured sauces, candied pecans, roasted nuts, and fresh fruits. Topping the dessert with another or similar kind of dessert is also an option worth trying.


Preparing the Main Course

two brown and black condiment shaker beside cooked food on table

Unlike desserts, meals that are served as a part of the main course are often loaded with various factors and attractions. While this saves a substantial amount of time that is usually spent on the presentation of the appetisers or desserts, dressing is still an important part of the process. Main course dishes often use spices and condiments as dressings and topping which include chopped chive and coriander leaves, ground pepper, and other ground spices. Soups and salads, when served as the main course, can explore more options which can include freshly cut fruits, vegetables, and even breadcrumbs. All the said ingredients can also be used for the plating of the food in the inclusion of sauces that are compatible with the dish into consideration. Making the presentation of the food appealing adds to the overall appeal of the dish offering more satisfaction to the customers/guests and bagging an even greater amount of appreciation for the chef.


 Appetizers: Inducing More Hunger

The role of those small portions of food one receives before the meal is simple: induce and amplify the hunger of the customers/guest along with the anticipation of what’s coming next. This is why serving well-decorated appetizers hold the same level of importance as that of topping the dessert in a beautiful manner. Ingredients used as dressing up of the main course can be used for the appetisers as well without any appreciation.

Making Daily Meals Healthy and Tasty

pasta & noodles

A minimum of 3 meals a day is recommended for all adults and children and it is no secret that eating the same thing, again and again, gets rather monotonous and boring. Experimenting with food is a concept that generated out of this boredom for limited eating options. Many try to recreate the same dishes every other day with a little bit of tweaking or added flavors and others succumb to eating out at restaurants.

Eating good and eating healthy is a very difficult combination to achieve at times. But both can be managed simultaneously by switching between some obvious options that are available at the altar. There can be days when a heavy high-calorie meal can opt and some other days when a low-fat and low-carb alternative can be used in its place. Using daily meal ingredients like rice, pasta, noodle, etc., we can create pretty tasty and fulfilling meals at home without having to give in to unhealthy junk food options for taste.

Pasta- Healthy and Tasty Combined In One


While pasta has always been kept out of a health freak’s diet plan, it remains a pretty popular ingredient among the daily menu of a household.  There are many kinds and shapes pasta available in the market and they serve their own purposes. While normal penne or spaghetti pasta brings in a lot of calories and carbs, options like black bean pasta, durum wheat pasta, Konjac soybean pasta, etc. comes with a power-packed and nutritious punch to them. High in protein and fiber, these alternatives taste equally amazing and make sure that all the essential nutrients are supplied to the body.

Rice Goes a Long Way


Probably the most versatile item in the kitchen after salt, rice is a dish that can be paired with anything and everything. It can be eaten with a normal pasta sauce or sautéed with vegetables for a quick meal. Generic white rice, however, is very high in carbohydrates and hence not a good option for daily consumption if a healthy diet is attempted to be maintained. Alternatives like Tasty Bite organic brown rice, Clearspring gluten-free brown rice or Biona Brown Rice is a good option to incorporate rather than consuming white rice. For additional unconventional flavors, pick something like Organic brown rice miso or Biona Black Venus rice.

More Than an Instant Food- Noodle:


Leave the conventional option of refined wheat noodles. Due to courtesy of Japan, we have plenty of healthy options in front of us with which even something like noodles can be enjoyed as a healthy and tasty daily meal. Konjac noodles from Europe Pty and Clearspring Gluten-free noodles are the perfect choice for the healthy diet plan. Pair these two and similar ones with Clearspring Organic instant noodle broth and you have a rather healthy and tasty meal in front of you every day with the same earthy, familiar taste.