Hi I’m Arry. I began life in 2008. Now, who is Barry? Well he’s not my partner nor my imaginary friend. He’s part of a nickname Arrybarry (one of many) given to me by my parents. Confusing and embarrassing, that’s parents for you.

Nicknames - Only used to summon you when they want something.

Well, now when I want something, I get the same old: “Son, it’s too expensive. We can’t always buy what we want. You need to learn the value of money.”  

So, I went away and read one of Dad’s 'How to make money' books called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t as interesting as Harry Potter and also a little confusing. What I understood was: buy low sell high. Why not buy low and sell only a little bit higher? Surely you would sell more and everybody’s happy. More sales = more money, right? Look, I’m no Teacher – but it makes sense to me.

Dad said to think of something and he’ll help me with this project. So, what was I going to sell?

One day, “Arrybarry” got called to get a hairband from his Mum's dresser. OMG – where was I going to find that in four drawers of rubbish?

Then I remembered:

Dad’s always complaining about how much Mum spends on her hundreds of expensive beauty products, which she uses on the odd occasion. Mum’s complaining about how much Dad spends on his Health products which he “NEVER” uses, as his gym membership just collects dust.

Brainwave: All parents must do the same. Collect Rubbish = Health & Beauty = Money.

Most parents get asked "where do babies come from?", mine are asked "where did Arrybarry come from?".

There you have it, that’s my story and where it all started in 2017.

Now, please can you buy something, save yourselves some money and make me some along the way, so that I can buy some more Pokemon cards.

Don’t worry I’m still in primary school and intend to graduate.