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Doves Farm-Buckwheat Flour (non GF) (1000g):Common buckwheat (fagopyrum esculentum) was domesticated and first cultivated in southeast Asia, possibly around 6000 BC. It is a member of the rhubarb family and can be identified by its triangular seeds which ripen in...


Dark Chocolate & Ginger Flapjacks


Hodmedods Whole Dried Kabuki Peas are surprisingly versatile and are among the best varieties of dried green marrowfat peas. Commonly used for classic mushy peas, Whole Dried Kabuki Peas also pair particularly well with Japanese wasbi or British horseradish.


Britain's original bean, fava beans are delicious, nutritious and good for the soil. Whole Fava Beans are perfect for spicy Egyptian ful medames, truly British baked beans, stews, curries, salads and more.


Delicious, nutritious and good for the soil, fava beans are Britain's original bean, grown here since the Iron Age. A variety of broad bean, fava beans are left to ripen and dry before harvest. They're a major farm crop in...


St Dalfour Whole Chestnuts 200g: St Dalfour Whole Chestnuts are packed without preservatives by using a special all natural, patented deep vacuum method. St. Dalfour keeps the tender, plump quality of the chestnuts. They are not dried or hard, they...


Aspall-White Wine Vinegar (350ml)This floral vinegar’s bright acidity is perfect for adding piquancy to a range of dishes, sauces and marinades. A perfumed aroma emanating from grapes grown in Rioja, Aspall White Wine Vinegar benefits from the sweeter fuller bodied...


Clearspring Organic White Wine Vinegar is made with selected organic grapes from Emilia Romagna, which are pressed and then slowly fermented in accordance with a time-honoured tradition. Natural ageing in wooden kegs provides interesting nuances of flavour, and contributes to...


White Tea Energy Drink - Organic 330ml


Our unadulterated white tea is made from the buds and young leaves of the tea bush. It makes a light, delicate and refreshing brew which is a natural source of antioxidants


Qi works directly with the co-operative of small independent farmers who harvest their tea high in the mountains of southern China. Their special, long-standing relationship provides Qi with distinctive mellow teas and the farmers with a fair price and guaranteed...


A delicate white tea for a refreshing cup any time of day.