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Heath&H Rosehip Tea [50 Bags]: At Heath & Heather we only use carefully selected ingredients that do not contain any artificial flavours, preservatives or colouring ? your guarantee of true flavour and nothing else. Our team of expert blenders have...


Cotswold Health Products-Raspberry Leaf Tea (100g)Raspberry Leaf Tea (Rubus idaeus) raspberry leaf is a fruity and refreshing tea. It should be used with care during pregnancy.


Heath&H Peppermint Tea [50 Bags]: To Support & Refresh Naturally Peppermint a naturally caffeine free infusion that delivers crisp and zingy refreshment, perfect after dinner and a deliciously tasty way to support your wellbeing.


Cotswold Health Products-Peppermint Tea (100g)Peppermint (Mentha piperita) tea is an ancient and popular infusion, refreshing and relaxing it is believed to aid digestive health.


Floradix Nettle Herbal Tea (15 Bags): Nettlewort tea has a diuretic effect which is useful for flushing out the renal system by increasing the volume of urine. it also contains vitamin c and silicic acid which maybe helpful in the...


Heath&H Nettle Tea [50 Bags]: To support & refresh naturally, Nettle is simply selected to create a pure, caffeine free infusion, designed to support you naturally.


Cotswold Health Products-Nettle Leaf Tea (100g)Nettle (Urtica dioic) is a popular tea with an earthy, vegetal taste. It is believed to have diuretic properties.


Cotswold Health Products-Mate Tea (200g)Mate (Lex paraguariensis) tea has a slightly bitter taste. It is traditionally used as a "livener" and is very refreshing. Honey can be added to reduce it's astringency.


Floradix Lemon Balm Organic Herbal Tea (15 Bags): Floradix Lemon Balm Organic Herbal Tea is a delicate aromatic tea with a herbal lemony taste. It is ideal for drinking at the end of a busy day for unwinding and creating...


Floradix Hawthorne Organic Herbal Tea (15 Bags): Hawthorn tea exerts a beneficial effect on the function of the heart by increasing the circulation in the blood vessels strengthening the heart and reducing blood pressure.


Heath&H Fennel [50 Bags]: Fennel naturally caffeine free with a light golden liquor that delivers a powerful fragrance and a full-bodied flavour to uplift & support your wellbeing.


Elderflower tea is believed to have many health benefits such as boost immune systems, may help with the respiration system, and may help with allergy maintenance.