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100% Arabica Coffee Fairtrade Strength 3 - Medium Guatemala - The Vibrant Coffee Perfectly balanced with round acidity; flavours of spicy fruit & dark chocolate The people of Guatamela are defined by their deep-rooted and rich culture. Their brightly coloured...


Cafe direct Rich Roast Fresh Ground Fairtrade Coffee Rich Roast is freshly ground from the finest Latin American & African beans, roasted to perfection. Deliciously smooth, intense, and full bodied coffee Ideal for use in any cafetière, filter machine or...


This coffee is by all of the kettles here at Clipper. A perfect morning coffee, Rich, buttery and smooth - a truly exceptional flavour.


A rich, smooth and powerful coffee, but without the caffeine. Organically approved decaffeination process, without the use of harmful chemicals.


A full-bodied, bright coffee with a delicious aroma, this organic Arabica coffee will suit most palates. A blend of Latin American and African coffee beans, and grown to strict organic methods, we think you’ll agree this coffee is worth the...


Our Italian Roast and Ground is a rich flavoured coffee with a powerful aroma. Dark, deep and intense, perfect for after dinner.


Roasted beyond the edge of darkness, this rich, modern blend of high mountain arabicas and tropical robusta is oily to touch and perfect for espressos and cappuccinos


Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Yirgacheffe Grd Coffee - 227g: The spicy, winey flavours of this blend are characteristic of the beans grown by the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union high in the Ethiopian mountains. Fairtrade certified • Organic certified...


For those who take their coffee fast, dark and intense - espresso is the way to go. This espresso blend is a taste explosion of velvety textures with a smooth aftertaste. And, because Cafédirect are sticklers for every last detail,...


Most of the world’s decaffeinated coffee is processed using solvents. Our medium roast decaffeinated coffee uses the Swiss Water® process — environmentally friendly, chemical-free and 99.9% caffeine-free.


This original dark roasted coffee is blended from carefully selected high-grown arabica beans from the mountains of Peru. Our dark roast has a deep body and velvety smoothness. A perfect after-dinner or early morning wakeup coffee.


Colombian coffee is medium roasted and well-balanced, with a rich, smooth flavour.