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The Best Nutritional Drinks and Shakes to Beat the Summer

We all love to soak up in the sun but, are forced to stay indoors due to the scorching heat and since, summer is on its peak there is an ardent need to look for some ways to stay hydrated, cool, and energetic at the same time. There are several drinks and smoothies that can actually help you all to stay in shape and beat the heat simultaneously. To help you tolerate the burning weather, here are some of the healthy energy drinks that will help you cope with the heat this summer. 

Best Nutritional Drinks and Shakes

Fruit Juices

Well if you are wondering if taste and health can go hand in hand, then certainly yes, they can! Simply juice it up this summer and you are done. Fresh fruit juices are rich in antioxidants and fibers that are tasty at the same time. Also, fruits are a natural source of sugar and lessen your sugar intake. Try Arrybarry’s stocks of known brand’s fruit juices today. 

Coconut Water

If you are looking for some instant dose of hydration then coconut water serves the purpose. Pure in its form, it is very rich in Vitamin B and amino acids. Coconut water is also very beneficial for skin and hair to enhance the glow and shine respectively. This summer’s drink keeps you cool and also reduces the risk of kidney stones! So, one drink and multiple benefits.


Milkshakes, be it the vanilla one, chocolate, or mango, are simply the best in summer. Flavoured milk makes a yummy summer drink and is always a preferable and popular option especially amongst kids. The various ingredients in it and the milk are good sources of protein. If you are someone who exercises regularly and is indulged in physical workout sessions then milkshakes can be a post-workout drink.

Sugarcane Juice

Yes, you heard it right! Sugarcane juice is one of the best options to beat the heat in Summer! Sugarcane has several unknown benefits like it is extremely rich in potassium, glucose, antioxidants, calcium, and magnesium. Besides, it is known to help prevent heatstroke and also, protect you from some common infections.

Herbal Slimming Tea

As the name says it all, tea that is organic and helps in reducing and maintaining weight. Known for the soothing properties, herbal drinks come in a wide assortment of flavours and can really be effective in shedding fat by breaking the body fat compounds. These drinks are also effective in preventing constipation. 

Indigestion and bloating are some health problems that are common in the summer months. Herbal slimming teas relieve bloating as well. 

Advantages of Having Smoothies

These drinks are high on taste & health too and will keep you hydrated for a really long time. If you are someone who is very health conscious then you can have a glass full of either and skip a meal. Not just that, these drinks are an amazing alternative to sugary and unhealthy fizzy drinks. 

Isn’t it just great that these summer drinks provide the best of health and taste? Get these drinks today, add them to your daily regime, and sip the healthy energy drinks post-workout, while enjoying at the poolside, or simply while watching television and binging.

Exotic Drinks for a Refreshing Morning

Exotic Drinks for a Refreshing Morning

What do you look for when you wake up? Something to refresh your morning, isn’t it? It is always different for different people. Some like to have a glass of lukewarm water early in the morning while some like a cup of tea or coffee. Here, we bring you some exotic drink options that not only wake you up  fresh and bright-eyed but also are healthy.

A Bag of Traditional Fragrant Tea

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Fragrant tea choices like chamomile and jasmine tea are relaxing as well as energising. They give a pump to your metabolism and promote healthy digestion. The Yogi Tea Green Jasmine Tea, for instance, is a beneficial and effective after-meditation drink. Also, this beverage can be consumed before going to bed for a relaxed sleep.

If it’s Rhubarb, it is Worthwhile

Don’t feel scared by the dreadful Monday because now you have a healthy way to live your mornings like a Sunday. The SHS Bottlegreen Rhubarb and Ginger Cordial is a great source of magnesium, dietary fiber, and a few vitamins. With a sweet lemongrass aroma and ginger flavor, this drink gives you no reason to lag in your day.

All Things After, First Coffee!

The AROMA of coffee is enough to wake people from drowsiness. Like who doesn’t love to start their day with a cup of rich, Italian-style coffee? The Clipper Roast & Ground Coffee brings you a perfect blend of an intense flavor and aroma. Prepare a cup in the morning or after dinner and enjoy the elegance of a smooth essence.

You can go for one or all of the drinks to make your morning feel less fraught and more relaxed & energetic. You will definitely enjoy a happy morning time.